Terms and Conditions

Please be a good apple.

General Expectation

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time. But if we do, and the changes are considered "major", we will explain the changes by either an email to all our customers, or by displaying the change information clearly on prominent site pages. If they're minor we feel you should be responsible for periodically checking the terms and conditions and seeing what, if anything has changed within them.

Use of the WorkWatcher.com Site and Copyright Issues

Please do not use our logo, images, or concepts which are unique to WorkWatcher.com or WorkWatcher.com services.

Our Privacy Policy

In our privacy policy we ask you to read, digest and understand the way we run privacy and security on our site. If you agree to these terms and conditions, this also means that you're in agreement with our privacy policy.

Wrong, Unlawful, Subversive, Disruptive or Prohibited Use of WorkWatcher.com is Not Allowed

You agree to use the site honestly, and without guile or unlawful behavior. We expressly forbid any attempts to gather information on anyone else's account, any attempts to disrupt the WorkWatcher.com service, or do anything "really wrong", like attempt to mine passwords, hack into our system, etc. If we come across any attempts such as these, we shall immediately bar the user from our system, and refer the case to authorities who deal with this kind of thing. They don't like behavior like this, and therefore will be keen to stamp it out at the source.

Liability: A Disclaimer

We reserve the right to change or alter the WorkWatcher.com service at any time. You agree that WorkWatcher.com is not responsible for unauthorized access to your details, or any unauthorized alteration of those details. WorkWatcher.com is not responsible for the reliability of the site information, or availability of service. We cannot be held responsible for any one individual's use of the service we provide. All responsibility for using this site and its services lie with the user.

You specifically agree that in no way shall WorkWatcher.com or HD Interactive be held responsible for any damage or loss occurring connected with use of the WorkWatcher.com service. If you think for any reason that WorkWatcher.com is not for you, or if you are dissatisfied by it and the services it offers, you agree that it is your responsibility to stop using the service. If there is a loss of server uptime, software glitches in our site mainframe, or any other reasons, you agree that WorkWatcher.com will not be held responsible.

We employ security measures to protect your data, but even the tightest, most secure sites can be vulnerable. It is highly unlikely that anyone could access information held on our servers. We cannot, however, absolutely guarantee that WorkWatcher.com user information cannot be accessed by a deviant superhacker but we can say that access to it is difficult. We monitor, update and improve when new developments in security become available to us.

Server changes, server disconnects, power failures and Internet disconnections mean that we do not guarantee that you will be able to access WorkWatcher.com at all times. Sometimes stuff happens to make constant, uninterrupted access impossible that is out of our control.

While you're signed in to our service, you're responsible for all actions that occur under your account. This means that keeping your passwords secure and not sharing them with anybody is essential, as is not getting or using passwords from any other user.

Copyright Issues

The design, look and feel of the WorkWatcher.com site is copyright HD Interactive. We claim all intellectual property rights to the contents of WorkWatcher.com. Please do not use anything found on our site for personal or commercial uses.

About WorkWatcher

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