Quick Start

Managers and Administrators Functionality Overview

  • Manage Users
    Add and view your users here.
  • Editing a User
    You can add an address, update pay rates, de-activate, and more.
  • Manage Clients
    Add and view your clients here.
  • Manage Projects
    Add and view your projects. Assign users to projects so they can enter their hours.
  • Manage Project Payments
    Add and view payments from clients.
  • Manage Tasks
    Add and filter project tasks. Assign tasks to users.
  • Manage Hours
    Add, edit, and delete timesheet entries. You can view reports on projects, employees, time ranges, and detailed comments associated with each timesheet entry.
  • Manage Payroll
    See who's owed what and add payments.
    Pay individual users or all at once. View previous payments.
  • Charts
    Data visualization helps you to see ongoing trends.
  • Summary
    View a snapshot of your active projects and users.
    Quickly see which projects are profitable.

About WorkWatcher

  • Save time & stay organized
  • Track projects & stay within budget
  • Make decisions based on real data

For Managers and Administrators

  • Manage users, clients, and projects
  • View timesheet and project reports
  • Assign tasks to users

For Employees and Contractors

  • Enter the amount of hours worked
  • View past hours and totals per project
  • View assigned tasks and add new ones